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Optical Switch Monitoring Modules
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Dec 03, 2015

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Optical Switch Monitoring Modules

The MonALISA distribution includes two modules to monitor the optical port power (monOSPortsPower) and the optical cross connects (monOSCrossConns) inside the switch. Both modules can be configure in Service/myFarm/myFarm.conf file. They currently work and have been tested on Glimmerglass and Calient optical switches. The modules are using two parameters:

  • SwitchType, which is mandatory and can have two possible values for the moment: Glimmerglass or Calient.
  • PortMap, is optional and can specify a subset of ports to be monitored. If it is not present all the ports will be monitored . This parameter is the absolute path to a file containing the port names to be monitored. The changes in this file are automatically propagated, without restarting the service.

is used to monitor the optical port power and monOSCrossConns monitors the optical cross connects inside the switch. To enable the modules the following lines must be added in Service/myFarm/myFarm.conf file. The modules use the monitoring connection defined in file.


*OS_Ports{monOSPortsPower, localhost, SwitchType=Glimmerglass}%15
Adding the line above in Service/myFarm/myFarm.conf will enable the optical port power monitoring for a Glimmerglass switch. The module will get the data every 15 seconds. All the ports will be monitored.

*CMap{monOSCrossConns, localhost, SwitchType=Calient; PortMap=/path/to/PortMap }%7
This will enable monitoring of cross connects links, only between the ports specified in /path/to/PortMap for a Calient optical switch. The module will pull the data from the switch every 7 seconds. If there are cross connects for which only one port is specified in the PortMap file, they will be ignored. /path/to/PortMap file is a plain text file which contains the port numbers, separated by commas.

 NOTE The port number must be fully specified in the PortMap file ( e.g for Glimmerglass: 01, 03, 07  instead of  1, 3, 7 )

The TL1 connection between the MonALISA Service and the optical switch must be defined in file. Please see Connecting to the Optical Switch section in the Optical Swtich Agent User manual. The modules will use the monitoring connection.