MonALISA Grid Monitoring
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Last update on:
Dec 03, 2015

Uptime: 234 days, 14h, 33m
Number of requests: 5662453
since 28 October 2005

  MonALISA Service Release
25/11/10 16:00
MonALISA 1.9 released.

New release supports only Java6+

  • new automatic updater
  • new thread pool infrastructure
  • scripts updated (ML_SER,
  • more modules for system monitoring
  • upgraded embedded PostgreSQL database and JDBC driver to version 9.0.1
  • various speed optimizations throught the code, employing the java.util.concurrent utilities

  MonALISA Service Release
08/05/06 14:31
MonALISA 1.6.22 released.

Changelog from 1.6.18:

  • the snmp_IOpp_v2 module supports now many more interfaces for monitoring
  • handles better the signals when running external commands
  • fix in the storage when dealing with single value data series
  • added a new app control module (transfer.jar) with support for FDT
  • the monMLStat module produces now 4 more parameters, two related to the internal NTPDate and another two concering the configuration (number of cluster/node/parameters)
  • added posibility to change the default password for the keystore

  MonALISA Evo Client Release
03/29/07 17:55
MonALISA Evo Client 1.6.10 released.

It features improved functionality in GMap panel by offering the option of selecting meetings one by one, or all at once, and also visualization of only the users that are participating in the selected meetings.

  MonALISA Evo Client Release
02/04/07 22:28
MonALISA Evo Client 1.6.9 released.

It features improved user information in GMap panel by offering visual status for available and away users and also textual information about their profile as tooltip.

  MonALISA Service Release
12/13/06 10:31
MonALISA 1.6.10 released.


  • Fixed data retrieval bug when using webservice interface and having string values in the result set

  MonALISA Service Release
11/24/06 10:31
MonALISA 1.6.8 released.


  • fixed module name typo in monLMSensors
  • added FDT monitoring modules
  • updated CMS_Tier0 filter
  • extra checking added in monPN_LSF

  MonALISA Service Release
11/20/06 15:24
MonALISA 1.6.6 released.


  • new VOModules ( 0.36 ) which fixes LSF parsing for `bjobs -u`
  • added new monitoring module, monLMSensors, for `lmsensors` and /proc/acpi
  • upgraded backport-util-conccurent to version 3.0 ( small performance improvements )

  MonALISA Service Release
10/7/06 0:20
MonALISA 1.6.4 released.

Change log:

  • upgraded VoModules to v0.32 and PNModules to v0.18
    • added individual user statistics
    • more flexible parsing of the commands' output
    • for the PN_PBS module: added the possibility to select nodes to be viewed based on a property tag
    • improved the error logging mechanism (fewer log entries for identical errors)
  • new ML_SER script ( v 1.5.6 ) which will try `pgrep` in $PATH for Linux OS and after that in $MonaLisa_HOME/bin if not found
  • added a new FileLock in $FARM_HOME/.ml.lock to prevent two instances of the service with the same $FARM_HOME
  • AliEn Filter
    • Fixed cpu_usage and added jobs_count for ROOT jobs summaries
    • Added more ROOT jobs summaries: local/external traffic per machine
    • Fixed NullPointerException if FTS channel isn't received together with the other FTS parameters
    • Added support for DONE_WARNING AliEn Jobs' status

  MonALISA Service Release
08/16/06 20:43
MonALISA 1.6.2 released.

Change log:

  • updated VO Modules to allow multiple instances in the same ML Service
  • configurable reconnect timeout for TL1 Telnet
  • AliEn Filter
    • added timeouts for the job/transfer sync scripts
    • added the EXPIRED status for FTD transfers
    • summarizing FTD transfers also per SE (destination SE, for now)
    • dest SE summary nodes are kept indefinitely, for now
    • fixed bug in summarizing cummulative status for job agents
    • added more parameters and summarization mechanisms for ROOT jobs info

  MonALISA Service Release
08/1/06 10:36
MonALISA 1.6.0 released.

Change log:

  • upgraded to osgVoModules-v0.30. The ML module will still try to use `condor_q` instead of `condor_q -format` for some classes of errors
  • updated pathload distribution:
    • binaries for different architectures ( x86, x86_64, sparc )
    • latest stable version of pathload ( 1.3.2 )
  • fixed a synchornization problem in NTPDate
  • AliEn Filter:
    • manage the vobox monitoring script directly from ML
    • synchronize periodically (once a few hours) Job Status and Transfer Status with AliEn TaskQueue
    • summarize FTS transfers per channel by producing the number of transfers in each status and the average time spent in each state
    • don't add twice a job in error state. (for example when changing status from ERROR_X to KILLED)

  MonALISA Service Release
07/15/06 16:51
MonALISA 1.5.16 released.

Change log:

  • upgraded to osgVoModules-v0.28 which fixes now report as error the case when condor_q returns 0 and the error is written to stderr
  • the service can connect to an arbitrary port if the proxy is listenning on multiple ports
  • AliEn Filter:
    • fixed the reporting of cumulative errors and parameters from central services
    • added support for ERROR_VT (Validation Timeout)
    • summarize Computing Elements statistics for jobAgents_(queued|slots|running)
    • better identify sites involved in network transfers based on net/mask in addition to domain names
    • support aggregation for the run_time in ksi2k units
    • added support for DAQ statistics

  MonALISA Client Release
06/30/06 18:10
MonALISA Client 1.6.4 released.

Change log:

  • Enhanced table panel:
    • multiple columns sorting (ascendent or descendent)
    • free reordering of columns
    • hiding of any column
    • sumarization row: shows depending on type of column total or mean value for all services visible in client
  • Optical switches updates.

  MonALISA Service Release
06/14/06 19:45
MonALISA 1.5.14 released.

Change log:

  • updated OsgVoModules to version 0.26 and VoModules to version 0.30
  • fixed SGE parsing for newer versions of SGE
  • appended taskID to jobID for SGE, where taskID is available
  • fixed jobs status for SGE in cases where qstat reports two states
  • updated backport-util-concurrent to version 2.2
  • updated usr_code/XDRUDP module
  • new script added in CMD ( ) for better handling hanged external commands. It can be disabled by adding the following property in file:
    lia.util.MLProcess.doNotUseWrapper = false
  • AliEnFilter: support cummulative errors from central services
  • counter informations added for "overflow" message for monProcIO

  MonALISA Client Release
05/30/06 21:00
MonALISA Client 1.6.0 released.

Change log:

  • New version of JoGL, the 3D graphical library used: JSR-231. It uses the files provided officially by Sun, and that means a second confirmation request when running the client.
  • New 3D plotting capabilities for history data.
  • Enhanced traffic statistics for application.
  • VRVS client:
    • It features the latest updates as the new EVO monitoring client.
    • Available in the VRVS client page.

  MonALISA Service Release
05/30/06 20:08
MonALISA 1.5.10 released.

Change log:

  • OsgVoModules updated to v0.22
    • CondorConstraints are applied now per Condor Pool
    • reduced number of Result-s in VO Status Email
    • report monitoring values only for active VO-s
  • fixed jiffies per second for IA64 and Alpha architectures
  • workaround in monProcIO for incorrect reset of RX/TX counters for some older Linux when ifconfig up/down is used
  • snmp_IOpp_v2 - ignore only interfaces which have errors
  • upgrade to Postgresql 8.1.4, JDBC driver 8.1-407
  • AliEn Filter:
    • added support for KSI2K - how much CPU power jobs consumed in KiloSpecInt2K per second
    • averages per site for the Time To Live of AliEn JobAgents

  MonALISA Service Release
05/16/06 13:08
MonALISA 1.5.8 released.

Change log:

  • added new snmp_Disk_v2 module with detailed Free/Used statistics per partition
  • OsgVoModules-v0.20, PNModules-v0.12
    • fixed SGE_ARCH replacement in qstat command for SGE
    • added new pool option per Condor server
    • exit status for PBS jobs
  • AliEn Filter
    • Added support for Job Agents monitoring
    • Added APIServiceInfo to hold data about API Services - generates statistics for all API services

  MonALISA Client Release
05/11/06 14:00
MonALISA Client 1.4.14 released.

Change log:

  • Improved client statistics.
  • New time selection interval method for plotting graphs.
  • The list of groups is now automatically obtained from the MonALISA system.

  MonALISA Service Release
05/05/06 14:11
MonALISA 1.5.6 released.

Change log:

  • updated OsgVoModules ( v 0.18 ) and PNModules ( v 0.10 )
  • per job handling of decreasing CPU Time / Run time for suspended jobs
  • new version for monPing. It will report 100% pkt loss instead of stop reporting
  • added disk_total and disk_free for Ganglia modules
  • new filter added in usr_code/FilterExamples/PipeResultWriter, which writes the filtered monitoring values to a Unix pipe, based on a set of dynamicaly defined monPredicate-s

  MonALISA Service Release
04/21/06 13:02
MonALISA 1.5.4 released.

Change log:

  • additional options and debugging functions for getting job information from Condor
  • fixed the dynamic VO mapping in VO IO
  • improved local host reporting based on the information from /proc files

  MonALISA Service Release
04/14/06 21:16
MonALISA 1.5.2 released.

Change log:

  • improved error handling for pathload module
  • improved memory footprint for VO modules

  MonALISA Client Release
04/13/06 23:40
MonALISA Client 1.4.12 released.

Change log:

  • Improved communication with proxy.
  • Speedup the discovery mechanism of MonALISA Services.
  • Lower bandwidth usage without affecting client performance.

  MonALISA Service Release
04/12/06 23:25
MonALISA 1.5.0 released.

Change log:

  • added statistics per user in AliEnFilter
  • added monPN_LSF
  • fixed Condor parsing for monOsgVoJobs
  • embedded database location can be defined in site_env and can be defined in
  • added support for snmp temperature monitoring for devices which supports such MIB

  CENIC 2006 award
March 2006
On 14th March 2006, the MonALISA team, through it's representative, the chief architect of the project, mr Iosif Legrand, received the "CENIC 2006 Innovation Award for High-Performance Applications".

February 2006
MonALISA ... "What a beautiful monitoring capability"
      - DR. A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM, president of India
           - presentation at CHEP06.

  MonALISA Client Release
03/15/06 21:40
MonALISA Client 1.4.10 released.

Graphical improvements for 3D Map:

  • Transparent tooltips
  • Antialiased links

  MonALISA Service Release
03/10/06 19:39
MonALISA 1.4.14 released.

Change log:

  • fixed Web Services queries for String parameters
  • fixed new parameters for osgVO_IO ( v0.10 )
  • PortMap parameter become optional for OS modules

  LISA Release
10/16/05 18:00
Localhost Information Service Agent application 1.1 released.


  • A more friendly GUI that supports dynamic module loading and unloading, complete ApMon adjustable interface.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to all the modules.

  MonALISA Web Page
10/15/05 13:34
MonALISA Web Site has a new interface.
It uses a java servlet that reached the version 1.2.7


  • New design for web page.
  • New and better structure for documents accessible through the left menu.
  • News system.
  • Serves only html page for optimal compatibility with all browsers.
  • No frames.

  MonALISA Repository Release
10/04/05 13:00
MonALISA Repository 1.2.44 released.


  • new web interface
  • added dynamic world map
  • added new chart types
  • improved caching system for chart requests

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