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MonALISA Service Installation Guide

MonALISA Service Installation Guide

The MonALISA Service distribution can be downloaded from its official site,, as a tar.gz archive.

There are four files in this archive:

  • README - contains instalation information;
  • the installation script;
  • auxiliary script that is run by the "" script;
  • MonaLisa.v1.2.tar.gz: the MonALISA monitoring service main distribution.

Chapter 1. Requirements

1. Java

For running MonALISA Service you need to have installed JAVA 1.4.2 or higher.

2.  Connectivity Requirements

MonALISA needs outbound TCP connectivity to a few sites. Here is the list of hosts/ports. The service should be able to connect to:
Lookup Discovery Services (LUSs): TCP ports 4160, 8765 and 80


Port 8765 is used for lease renewal and service discovery. When the service is started, or there are network problems and it looses registration from the LUSs, it should be able to reach another port 4160. This should be very short lived TCP connections, used only to bootstrap the registration mechanism.
Proxy Services: TCP ports 6001, 6002, 6003


The TCP connection to port 6001 is long lived and used for communication between ML services and proxy services. Very short lived TCP connections are also needed to ports 6002, 6003, whenever a ML service first discovers the proxy service.
WEB Servers: TCP port 80


This are used to autoupdate the service. Please check(telnet) you can reach the above ports from machine running MonALISA service.

Chapter 2.  Installation process

The service can be installed automatically and basically configured by running the script and following the step-by-step procedure.

1. Automatic installation and minimal configuration

For automatically installing the service the "" script has to be run. MonaLisa Service MUST be run by a non-privileged user, so the installation script will first check whether the user running it is root or not. If the user is not root, then "" script will be executed.

If the user is root then it will ask for an account from which MonaLisa service will run. If the specified account does not exist, then the script will attempt to create one and it will copy the and MonaLisa.v1.2.tar.gz in the users' ~/monalisa_install and will start from there. After install2 finished the ~/monalisa_install will be deleted.

The "" script will ask for the destination folder, unpack the MonaLisa.v1.2.tar.gz file and ask for the farm configuration options. One of the first options you have to make is the farm name, this option defaults to the short hostname of the computer. You will also have to enter the latitude and longitude of your place for the client to correct locate and show your service. You can find an aproximate value with

The user will also be asked the path to java, a contact person name (the administrator of the service) and his e-mail address.

If the destination folder already contains an older MonaLisa installation, then all the configuration files are kept unchanged. In fact the CMD, TEST and myFarm folders remain untouched, which is bad if you run an older version of MonaLisa. So if you want to upgrade from an older MonaLisa installation please choose another destination folder and then check if the newly generated configuration is correct.

The directory structure is as follows:

  • Service - monitoring service directory structure

    • - CMD - this directory contains a set of scripts that are used for the management of the MonALISA service execution as well as a file where the user can set global environment variables:

      • -> the ML_SER script is used to start, stop or restart the Monitoring Service.

      • -> the MLD script is used to start the Monitoring Service from init.d.

      • -> the CHECK_UPDATE script is used to automatically update the Monitoring Service.

      • -> in the ml_env file you have to set some environment variables. This is the only file from this directory that can be modified.

    • - SSecurity - this directory contains the farm keystore (FarmMonitor.ks),as well as scripts for exporting, importing or creating new certificates (exportCert, importCert and genKey).

    • - lib - contains service needed libraries.

    • - ml_dl - contains the dl jar - classes that have to be remote loaded be users of the service.

    • - myFarm - this directory contains files for configuring your monitoring service. You can rename it with the name of your service.

    • - usr_code - this directory contains the sources of some module examples. Users can develop their own monitoring and gathering module and load them in the monitoring service.

  • bin - contains tools used from the scripts from Service/CMD.

  • policy - contains policy files for running the MonALISA service.

  • util - contains different simple programs, their source and scripts for getting useful information:

    • -> ShowReceivedValues - a short program example that interrogates a farm database and gets results from it. It receives as argument a configuration file, like the Service/TEST/

    • -> ShowStoreConfig - a short program example that parses a farm configuration file (as Service/TEST/ received as argument and shows the database tables structure used.

    • -> SimpleClient - a program example that finds the MonALISA farm services registered in the reggie services from the locators given in the locators.conf file and shows their attributes.

    • -> SimpleDBShell - a set of useful scripts for getting information from a mysql farm database. For using these scripts you must first edit the script, set the variables from here and delete the following lines:

       echo "Please edit first" > /dev/stderr exit

      All the other scripts use "". Use them for getting information from the service database tables.

    • -> TestClient - simple client that registers with predicates at farm service and shows receiving information.

After the install completes you can check the configuration by editing the following files:

-> ML_SER - starts,stops or restarts the service.

-> MLD - to be put in init.d so you can control the service.

-> CHECK_UPDATE - should be put in crontab to automatically update the MonALISA.

For advanced configuration of the service environment and of the monitoring parameters edit the following files:

-> ML_HOME/Service/CMD/ml_env

-> ML_HOME/Service/CMD/site_env

-> ML_HOME/Service/myFarm/

-> ML_HOME/Service/myFarm/myFarm.conf