MonALISA Grid Monitoring
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Last update on:
Dec 03, 2015

Uptime: 174 days, 8h, 15m
Number of requests: 5643775
since 28 October 2005

Demos related to this project

CHEP 06 - Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
Mumbai, India, 13-17 February 2006

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SC 2005 - Bandwith Challenge Record: 131 Gbps
Seattle, Washington, November 2005

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TERENA Networking Conference
Poznan, Poland, June 2005

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International ICFA Workshop on HEP Networking, Grid and Digital Divide Issues for Global e-Science
Daegu, Korea, May 2005

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SC 2004 - Lan Speed Record
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November 2004

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World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2003
Geneva, December 2003

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The Caltech High Energy Physics Department
Grid Enabled Analysis Workshop

Caltech, June 2003

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