MonALISA Grid Monitoring
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Last update on:
Dec 03, 2015

Uptime: 234 days, 15h, 13m
Number of requests: 5662458
since 28 October 2005

ApMon Download

ApMon v2.2

ApMon current version is 2.2 , release on Dec 03, 2015 . ApMon can be obtained from the links below:

ApMon v2.2 for C: ApMon_c-2.2.2.tar.gz

ApMon v2.2 for C++: ApMon_cpp-2.2.8.tar.gz

ApMon v2.2 for Java: ApMon_java-2.2.7.tar.gz

ApMon v2.2 for Perl: ApMon_perl-2.2.24.tar.gz

ApMon v2.2 for Python 2.4: ApMon_py-2.2.14.tar.gz

ApMon v2.2 for Python 2.6: ApMon_py-2.2.17.tar.gz (released Oct 2015)

ApMon v2.2 for Python 2.7: ApMon_py_2.20.tgz (released Dec 2015 - supports standard 'easy_install ApMon')